Регулятор оборотов Turnigy MultiStar 32Bit 20A Race Spec ESC 2-4s

Регулятор оборотов Turnigy MultiStar 32Bit 20A Race Spec ESC 2-4s
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Turnigy MultiStar 32bit ESCs are super simple to install and very easy setup. They have already taken spots on the podium a number of times with our beta testing Ninjas. If you're looking for an edge against the competition and take your FPV drone racing seriously the Turnigy MultiStar 32bit ESCs are worth taking a closer look at. 

Turnigy MultiStar 32bit ESCs feature a proprietary firmware (Rumored to have been developed in DrEvils Lab) delivering a smooth linear throttle response, without sacrificing a rapid, crisp response to any throttle input.

Turnigy MultiStar ESC's come pre-tinned, solder ready, all you need to do is add your own selected plugs or adjust wire lengths and solder the connections. With their small lightweight design and these ESC's will have you racing fast and on Budget.

• Smooth and linear throttle control 
• Fast response to throttle input 
• Arm Cortex-M0 MCU
• Stalled motor protection 
• Throttle signal loss protection 
• Safe power-on (throttle lockout) 
• Support 480Hz high refresh rates

Constant Current: 20A
Input Voltage: 2-4 cell Lipoly
MCU: Arm Cortex-M0
PCB Size: 22 x 12mm
Weight: 6g

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